Learning to Turn Your Attention Inwards


Central to doing spiritual inner work is turning your attention inwards. There will be times of peace and times of turbulence in your body and the world around you. However, what goes on in the external world is irrelevant to your inner work, and if you haven't realized this already, the sooner you do, the better. Turning your attention inwards isn't hard, but it is a practice. Some simple ways to do so can start with questions like:

  • "Who is thinking these thoughts?"
  • "Where do these thoughts come from?"
  • "Where do my feelings come from?"
  • "Why do I believe what I believe?"
  • "Are my beliefs true?"

All of these questions force someone to look at themselves, and while many discoveries will lead you to realizing that family and society taught you a lot of things, you still perpetuate these beliefs and feelings. Overall, there is plenty going on within you that you have to investigate to begin to let go of these attachments.