Om... Here's why this is our favorite sound!


ॐ - om. Without realizing it, you've encountered this sound of the universe. You use it everyday. "Om" is one of the sounds used to aid you in meditation as a mantra. The vibrations that the sound makes are believed to expand the spiritual and psychological effects of meditation. In fact, one of the most familiar and comforting words in the English language, "home," holds the sacred syllable right in the middle of it. "Ram" and "yam" are other examples of short Sanskrit words used in meditation. The words have no translatable meaning, but the vibrations hold the power. Other types of mantras can be full Sanskrit phrases or statements of declaration and affirmation. What matters is that your mantra works to focus your mind during meditation.


An extension of "om" is "om namah shivaya." The phrase is an ode to the god Shiva and honors the intention of transformation.  As the syllables are repeated, they fall into the melodic quality of a chanting mantra. The rhythm is meant to put out good vibes to the forces that guide you. Given that this is whole different language, it may take a minute for the sounds to settle in and come out naturally. There are a variety of Sanskrit chants to invoke all manner of influences. Some are meant to center your intuition and others are said to cut through negativity. The vibrations of these chants will ring out to activate different energies in your body and leave you feeling peaceful.


If Sanskrit isn't your thing, you can use an empowering slogan that motivates you. The same principle applies: when you repeat something over and over it has a lingering effect. Where Sanskrit uses vibrations to deepen your meditation, slogans have a different impact on your mindset. "I am fearless. I am fearless. I am fearless." Say the words slowly, savor them, and believe in them. The goal is to connect you to that next level of awareness and potential. Mantras are a great asset to integrate into your daily life - even when you're not in a meditative state. Recite your mantra in a stressful moment to bring you back to center and help you refocus. Your motto should open up your mind on your way through your journey, helping you to adjust the language that you use with yourself. Keep in mind: the change starts within you!