Mindfulness Tips for Those Of Us On-The-Go


Happiness is important, but is your life, work or sleep schedule keep you putting it on the back-burner because there simply isn’t enough time? Here's how you make time on-the-go. In an ideal world, we would schedule moments every day in which to cater to our health needs, because health and well-being are paramount. Yet despite our best efforts we will inevitably face those times when we’re busy every minute of the day. Whether you’re going through a busy time or looking for an alternative to traditional seated-meditation, you can use these techniques to boost your mindfulness while saving time.

1. Actively listen. Hear the words that are being said, and process what they mean to you. 2. Walk mindfully. Walk while focusing on your breath. 3. Eat mindfully. Chew and taste every single bite. 4. Meditate in transit. Focus on your breath while en route to your destination. 5. Exercise with body and mind. Challenge yourself and breathe through every motion. 6. Actually watch the TV. 7. Lie down in body and mind. 8. Work when working.