Meditation Can Save Your Relationship


Meditation can save your relationship. Though that may seem as a bold declarative, mindfulness and meditation are all about cultivating an intimate relationship with yourself, and those are the building blocks for true intimacy with a partner. 1. Meditation will help you be less reactive. Neuroscience now validates what ancient yogis have known for years: that brain change happens through practices that connect the mind, body, and spirit. With mindfulness, you can witness these emotions with objectivity, experiencing less reactivity due to changes in their brain. Reactivity is released through mindfulness and self-observation.

2. Mindfulness teaches us to speak from our hearts. Most of us lead perpetually busy lives of inundated inboxes, endless texts, and social media scrolling; we have little to no space to actually slow down to take in this life we’re living alongside our loved ones.

3. Meditation will help you stay calm—and it will rub off on your partner. When we gift our presence to the people around us, we enhance our capacity for joyful living, interconnectedness, and meaningful relationships.

In a world where distraction is pervasive, living in the present moment is the greatest gift me can give ourselves. Mindfulness and meditation are there to teach us that health is about You. We. All and help us find what we seek most: partnerships full of love, depth, and joy.