The Universe has no compassion for cowards


"The universe has no compassion for cowards. Be bold in going for your dreams."


Looking at this quote your first impression might be: "ouch." Being called a coward isn't exactly motivational. Most of the time it has the opposite effect. To understand the message behind this powerful thought, we have to break down the context and check our perspectives to find the inspiration.


Take the word "compassion." Considering that universe is made of energies and stardust, what compassion can it possibly give? While the universe can't directly intervene in your daily life, its' mysterious methods are legendary when it comes to timing. The universe works in ways that reward your intentions and mindset.  When we put effort into manifesting positivity in our actions and thoughts, we attract pleasant energy from others and our surroundings. Sometimes it results in life changing experiences, sometimes it just leaves us with a warm fuzzy feeling. Either way, we want to absorb the best of those experiences. That good energy is the universe's version of "compassion."


Then we look at "coward." Cowardice stems from fear. A "coward" lives in fear every day. This fear paralyzes them and keeps them from going for their dreams. Whether it's a fear of failure or rejection, fear of looking selfish for putting themselves first - everyone has their reasons. So they lower their heads and hustle to get by in life, never realizing their potential. That's no way to live! Overwhelming fear will hinder your growth. In smaller doses, fear can be healthy. It helps you think ahead and prepare for the worst. But if you spend all your time preparing, you'll never take action. Try to balance your expectations with your fears and don't be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes will happen, but our response is what shapes the aftermath. We should give weight to the adventure, not the tragedy. For some dreamers, conquering fears is a longer process. That's totally ok. Go for it anyway. Each experience will give you new knowledge to apply to your next effort. As you go along, you'll learn how to better channel your energy into your purpose. The key is to try. Would you rather fall forward or stay frozen in the same spot?


Finally, the resounding note of encouragement: be bold in going for your dreams. Be open to others' input and ideas, but focus on your vision. Whether you want to open a business, invent something, or go to school -- whatever you do, do so daringly. The old cliche rings true here: life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey. When you live without fear and embrace the prospect of failure, it makes it all the more satisfying when you come out on top. Have faith in yourself and act on your best intentions. There will be disappointment and obstacles along the way, but don't let that stop you from giving your dreams all you've got. The universe isn't going to reward you for dimming your light or staying quiet. Be bold, shine bright, and the rest will fall into place. "