The Search for Purpose


Many people are obsessed with finding their life's purpose, but that is not something to truly find--rather a journey to be embarked on. A "search for purpose" does not come from the awakened self. That search comes from the ego still trying to validate itself in a world that thrives on instant gratification and validation. t isn't even validating you--the real you. The real you needs no validation. Stop seeking validation from others. We are all different people who have different tastes, different ideals, different perspectives and different opinions. It’s difficult to build genuine friendships, a full life and a healthy self-image if you’re always trying to please everybody. The true self needs no reason to be or to love or anything else. It already is, and as you rest more deeply in this awareness, it becomes more and more effortless to just allow the unfolding of life with no need for purpose.

Forget aims of 'finding' one specified purpose, and simply start the journey of a lifetime.

Photo by Karl Shakur