Self-Love Rituals For Those Quiet Nights At Home


Self-love is hard. Developing a routine that consistently makes you feel well, is even harder. As the weather continually cools down our need for intimacy and love grows. Even if you're not currently in a romantic relationship, winter is a moment to celebrate closeness, love, and passion of all sorts.

Here are a few spiritually infused practices to help you call it in:

1. Write your own love letter. - Grab a journal and write a long list or letter of what love means to you, while your heart do the talking. When you are writing about something negative or love that you want to release, use a black pen. If you are writing positive things that you wish to manifest, use a red pen. Burn anything you write in black so it can be banished. Bury anything you write in red so that it can grow and be nourished.

2. Satisfy your hunger for love. - Nourish your body with an infusion of self-love. Find a book that lights feeds your heart, body and soul, watch a movie that makes you laugh and disconnect from the world, spend time with people you love and adore.

3. Reinvigorate love with your senses. - Light candles that give off a fragrance of love. Burn some incense. Brighten or dim some lights. Drink something warm and inviting. Seduce yourself with touch. Spend time rubbing your own feet. Put drops of peppermint oil on the nape of your neck. Find joy in teasing yourself.

On these quiet nights at home, when you're all alone, spend some time loving yourself. Self-love shouldn't be exclusive to Valentine's. Call upon these rituals whenever you need a dose of positivity.