Real Ways To Speak Your Truth In 2019


2019 will be a year of authenticity, and you don't need a tarot reading to forecast the depths of how much truth you will need own in the coming days. Right now the universal energies, which affect the entire planet collectively as well as our own individual lives, are encouraging us to speak our truth.

Your truth-telling is guaranteed to cause change, if only in you—perhaps the most powerful change of all.

Here are some tips for speaking your truth with love, respect, or diplomacy to folks in your personal and professional life, as well as a journal exercise to help you discover your truth.

1. Remember that admitting your truth to yourself can be the hardest part. Is there something you find painful to admit? Maybe one day you see a friend's baby gurgling away on social media and think, "Sometimes I regret that I chose not to have children." Truth-telling action step: Resolve to be gentle and loving as you admit your truth to yourself. This is not the time to blame or shame, if, for example, you are realizing that you squandered some of your inheritance. Face this truth with courageous self-love, and it will be much easier to change your spending habits.

2. Get as clear and sober as you can emotionally before speaking your truth. You might feel initial rage when you tap into this truth—rage both at yourself for putting your dreams on hold and at your spouse. Cool off before sharing this truth. Take time and come up with the news release version of your truth, which should still express your emotions but be more diplomatic. In time as you and your partner work through this issue and heal, you can reveal even more of your emotional experience. Think through with strategy a way to present your case diplomatically while still honoring your emotional truth.