Mantras To Help You With Anxiety & Depression


Mantras are an excellent tool for happiness because they align your thoughts to recondition the fear-based mind. Here are a few of my favorite mantras for attracting more abundance.

All my needs are always met. There is no need for you to stay in any situation that no longer serves you. Plenty of possibilities are available to you when you are open to receiving something greater.

The universe has a plan greater than mine. Perhaps you studied one subject in school and have pursued a path that has nothing to do with it. The universe is always guiding you, and the inspiration from within will lead you in the right direction.

Everything is in divine order. The universe is working out a divine plan for you, and all is in your favor. Feel hopeful and purposeful. Believe in your dreams. In this moment, you may feel paused or stuck. This is only temporary, as readjusting is in process.

Abundance and joy are my birthrights. Instead of giving your attention to things that bother you, allow them to fall away. Harmony will soon come to you, as joy and abundance are your birthrights.

When I follow my heart, I am abundant, successful, and free. All of your past decisions have led you to where you are today. By celebrating the present moment, you will feel the freedom within. Your heart is always speaking to you; now is the time to listen.

I embrace the space between where I am and where I want to be. Through the process, you become who you are meant to be. Allow yourself to be more present in the journey, which will help you grow.

My positive thoughts create desired results. Positive thoughts will help you manifest your desires more rapidly. We get what we focus on, and you have the power to get what you want by focusing on the positive aspects.

"I no longer focus on what is going wrong and instead turn all my attention to the outcome I desire. I know that remaining positive is essential for me to manifest my ideal outcome. I focus fully on what I want and release all fear and negativity by focusing on positive thoughts."