Karma Bits Ep. 1 | Why Meditate & the Karma Bliss Lifestyle




It's a New Year! We all know what that means: making resolutions about how we're going to live life differently this year. We hear about the New Years resolutions people make to get fit or to travel more or buy a house. Rarely do we hear about people making resolutions to enhance their mental wellness. Even if we don't feel tense or bothered, we all know how the burden of stress takes a toll on our mind's strength. It distracts us from our happiness as we feed energy into fretting about work, personal drama, and forces that we have no control over. When we expel this energy, we lose the itch to learn about ourselves and witness what we're capable of. This year, we want to help you take that energy back.


The core of our lifestyle is meditation. It means taking time to yourself for yourself. Since time is such a precious and invaluable commodity, the first question you'll probably ask yourself is why meditate? Karma Bliss uses meditation as a tool for self-empowerment. We do it to develop our inner strength, tap into our full potential and nurture our spirit. In addition to strengthening your body this year, strive to continually empower your mind. It doesn't take too much of your time! Carve out 25 minutes of your day, preferably in the morning, to sit and be with yourself. If 25 minutes sounds like too long, let's get real about how long your favorite TV sitcom is or how long you sit on the phone spilling the tea. Right? You have time. Karma Bliss is here to help you use that time to your benefit.


As with any habit, it takes time to develop a stride in the way you meditate. Understand that there is no uniform method to meditation. Only you know what it will take to get your head to quiet down so you can sit peacefully. This is why we recommend doing it when you wake up, when your mind is still relatively relaxed and calm. There's no way to know what will happen during the day, but meditation helps set the tone as you mentally prepare yourself to react positively, no matter what may happen. Too often we surrender control of our desires to the universe without taking the time to see what the universe has to give back. As you go through our days you will inevitably encounter situations that might frustrate you. When you do, it's helpful to have a symbol of your journey to enlightenment close by. In the Karma Bliss shop, we have crystal necklaces to symbolize the transformative powers of meditation and welcome better energies to your days.


Let's start 2017 off finding by our peace of mind.