How To Receive The Help You've Been Asking For


As odd as it may sound, many people are unable to accept help that they've requested. More often than not, when speaking on assistance, people are more familiar with the issue of not being able to ask for help. Yet the ego can cause problems at any stage of seeking support. One of these stages is after a request has been made and accepted by the party that received the request.

Your intuition has you reply to most requests for help, and then receive nothing back. Know this has nothing to do with you but the ego being triggered by the reality of support.

This happens in all kinds of situations. Perhaps you've had someone ask you for help. You say, "Yes." Then you never hear back from the person. Assuming that the person hasn't resolved what they wanted help with, this is just another situation where the ego is at work. This could be a self-worth issue. This could be a fear of looking weak. This could be a lot of different issues.

In short, if you ask for help, follow through when the person you asked says, "Yes." If you're the party being asked for help, all you can do is say, "Yes," if it feels true. It's not your part to do any more than that.