"Finding Your Passion" Isn't Always The Best Advice


In 2018 it seems as though the standard self-help guise to freedom is encouraging everyone to find their passion, but "finding your passion" isn't always the best advice. New research suggests that that advice actually encourages the recipient to miss the point. When on a quest to find fulfillment, it's more about understanding yourself deep and growing, but if you fixate on a singular passion you can quintessentially miss the boat.

In the study, researchers found that people who have a fixed mindset are less curious and less motivated in life when presented with information outside of their fixed "passion". Finding your passion is a more passive approach that only fosters a fixed mindset, which can lead people to abandon interests upon the first sign of difficulty. Encouraging a growth and discovery in general, leads to more people making room for curiosity, learning, and motivation. It would be much more helpful to advise people to develop their passion instead of just happening to find it. Discovering new interests is part of the game.