Declutter Your Workspace For A Decluttered Mind

Oftentimes your workspace (even your digital workspace) is a direct reflection of your mind. That space, and it's effective or ineffective use, have the ability to make or break your mood in and out of the workplace. With hopes to set the best mental foot forward, here is the barebones minimalist guide to improving your workplace sanity with a well organized workspace.
1. Clear the mess. Remove all clutter from your workspace. Get rid of all your junk: trash, empty water or coffee cups, dead flowers…etc. Remove it all.

2. Clean the actual space. Once the clutter is gone, disinfect, wipe down and dust off. Do everything including cleaning your computer monitors and nontoxic cleaners to wipe down your keyboards, your mouse, and anything else that may come to mind.

3. Create a system that accommodates your essentials.  Create an organization method that actually works for you and your style. This might mean getting rid of your paperwork and going digital with Google docs, or vice versa. Figure out what actually works for you.

4. Bring in some life. Decorate with a low-maintenance plant or two. Plants make you happier and healthier, in addition to filtering the air. It’s a win win!

5. Bring in something that reminds you to smile. This could be a picture or funky pen that holds some emotional significance, put it in plain sight and allow it to remind you to keep it light when things may be hardening down.

6. Keep it going. Tidy up every Friday to keep the dirt and clutter out, while remembering to bring and keep the goodness in.