Beneath The Depth of My Smile


When I was younger, people I’d meet would always comment on my smile. I’d hear compliments sure, but the thing that stuck with me more is the comments I’d receive with a dissective undertone like “you always got that big smile on” or “Why are you always so happy?”.

Imagine that...walking into a room and people being reactively uncomfortable about your joy. TF? The younger me used to try and dim my light around certain people so as not to annoy them with it. Now? I’ll gladly smother you with it. At all times, you’re gonna feel every inch of this glow. The truth is, I’m not ALWAYS “happy”, sometimes I have experiences that can be incredibly hard and disappointing. But my heart IS always open and I will always choose my own peace before I submit to the chaos or the projections of another. My natural state is an enthusiastic one. I smile often because I like the way it makes ME feel. I use lots of exclamation points and smile faces when I type messages. I’m expressive. I feel deeply about so many things. I love existing. I forgive easily. I talk with my hands. I hug tightly. I touch. I love. I like to cheer for people. I like to push people. I enjoy connection. I seek to empathize & understand. I search out joy and claim it as my own. Life is too short & my time is too precious not to.