Being Selfish Is The Key To Happiness


We've all heard flight attendants instruct us to put our oxygen mask on before those that we are caring for.  As a new mom, the thought that putting everyone else’s needs before your own means that you are showing love to your family. Giving up everything you love in order to give more to everyone else is what good moms do, right? Wrong. Give yourself an inch or two here and there to prioritize your own needs. Became more patient, present, and joyful. Bring the best version of yourself to everyone that you care about.

Here are the five tweaks that got me from hot mess to mindful mom:

1. Find gratitude wherever you can.  The more you practice gratitude, the more the universe gives you to be grateful for. Not to mention it is virtually impossible to feel stress and gratitude at the same time, so thinking of things you're grateful for is an amazing way to recalibrate your energy.

2. Start the day with meditation. All it takes to make this happen is setting an alarm 10 minutes earlier each night. Doing this consistently makes me feel more present, patient, and connected.

3. Do my best to get enough sleep. Sleep helps your body recover from day-to-day stress, and rest should be a priority.

4. Spend time in nature.  There's something about fresh air that always clears the mind, sparks creativity, and helps you chill out.

5.Give myself transition time.  Whether you're a working mom or new grad just getting your feet wet in the workplace, life sends our concentration in a million directions on a daily basis. We hop from one task to the next without taking so much as a deep breath. Giving myself time to "change hats," so to speak, has made a huge difference in how you fulfill each of your roles.