We all tend to overthink this thing called growth. Inherently each of us knows when it's time to shed the skin we're in yet we assume the work will be too great and we end up standing in a life that feels to small. C'mon...it doesn't have to be like that! You don't have to be a super yogi or a seasoned vegan to start discovering the inner most parts of you. All that's required is a little bit of conscious effort. Here are 4 easy ways to start tapping into that light. Let's go!


1. Put your pen to the pad!

Journaling lays your thoughts and actions in front of you like a life map, giving you the opportunity to step back and see a blueprint of who you really are. Journaling is the safe space where you can be completely transparent about all the complicated layers of self that make you who you are. I used to get so much anxiety about the thought of journaling, mostly because I would imagine someone finding and reading it so I found myself writing like a voice over in movies…narrating my every move and turning life into a story line. Of course, writing like that gets you nowhere! The more real and upfront you are with your thoughts and experiences, the more you heal and the more you grow. One I started forcing myself to write about me, so many emotional doors started to open up and so much stress began to melt away. What I share on Karma Bliss is how to get over the fear of being exposed and to really start the process of identifying who you are through your own writing. Once you start identifying and shedding the experiences & thoughts that are not serving to you the more peace-filled your life becomes. And if you’re still paranoid like I was about the archeologist that stumbles upon it judging you, a releasing burning session after you fill your journal up will put an end to that. The best way to begin is to just start writing!


2. Get still and get quiet!

You know that feeling of not being able to commit on what decision to make because your intuition seems like it jumped ship? Well, Meditation is a way of putting the world on pause and mute at the same time so you can hone in on what the universes answers for you are. Don’t over think starting it. All you need to do is to sit down, get comfortable, close your eyes and get quiet! Instead of focusing on how much you are thinking, chose to just release the thoughts as they come up instead of directing them. Yes, it’s really that simple! 25 minutes twice a day is best, but whatever you can fit in is still beneficial. Some days I’m a meditation all star, getting zen for an hour at a time, others, I’m sitting in the parking garage at my office trying to make that 15 minutes between meetings last. The bigger picture of finding the time to meditate is that you are choosing to give yourself the gift of putting YOU first. All those moments of self care add up in a big way. Meditation can have positive effects on mind, body and soul. It’s a tool that helps you reconnect with the inner most parts of yourself.


3. Rock some Crystals!

A few years ago I was severely stressed out. Between work and life, I really didn’t know how I’d make it out of the stagnant slump I was in. Then I received a citrine pendant as a gift and started looking into it’s meaning. Some of the key words that popped out to me were : Success, Hope, Abundance and personal power. Just what I needed! Wearing it every day made me feel more connected to myself and my dreams then ever. It might sound strange for those who haven’t used crystals yet, but I could FEEL the energy running through me and a mental/emotional shift started to happen. There are hundreds of crystals that can be utilized for there healing properties ranging from spiritual, mental and psychological, emotional and physical. Once you find the right crystal for you, set an intention on it and visualize how its energy will help lead you towards your goals. Wearing Crystals as jewelry, placing them throughout your house or keeping small ones in your purse are all awesome ways to experience their energies! You can even let me pick some out for you here!


4. Project your dreams!

There is something so magical about envisioning your life as an evolved and amplified version of itself. Seeing is believing. When your dreams are placed in front of you, you have the opportunity to really look at those desires, determine if they are what you really want, and then figure out consciously and subconsciously how you’ll get there. Every year I use my birthdate as the marker for my “New Year.” It’s the time I sit down, set intentions and build out my vision board. Using cutouts, my own writing, images and even objects, I plan out all the ways I want to see abundance, purpose and love overflow in my life. By vision boarding you are giving peace to your restless spirit by creating a road map for your future and planting it in your subconscious. You need to start imagining to start manifesting! Once you stat creating, don't stuff that vision board to the back of the closet, display it prominently so your future is always top of mind.


See...not so hard right?