3 Life-Changing Mistakes You're Making When Trying to Change Your Life


Have you or someone you know made the drastic resolve to change their life? I'm sure you know at least one love or life story where some incident changed something practically overnight. Transformations and their tales can be awe-inspiring, and motivating that the same could happen for you. However, statistically speaking that's not what is going to happen.

Slow transformations and changes are not sexy. It's not very exciting to think about going on 100 first dates before you meet "the one". It's not exciting to think about going to the gym for a year before your body changes. And though the tempered pace may not initially pique your interest, it's the one with the results that last forever.

There are three-life changing mistakes that people make when attempting to change their lives. Here are the pitfalls you hopefully avoid:

1. Attempting to make every single change at once. 

Starting Monday, I will be 100% healthy--no cheat meals or snacks. I'm sure you've said something comparable to yourself before. However this approach is not realistic. The weight of making multiple changes or one big change all at once is more likely to fail. Successful transformations usually happen gradually. It may not be exciting and may feel like too long a journey, but making small changes consistently over a period of time sets you up for success.

2. Throwing in the towel today and vowing to start over tomorrow

The moment you mess up within the day, you throw in the towel. You have a bad meal or snack, and then suddenly you assume that the dawn of the next day is all you need to be successful. Do what you can now to set yourself up for success tomorrow. The more you break your word, the less you believe in your ability to create and sustain change. Losing trust and confidence in yourself to follow through is a major roadblock to making positive changes. How powerful would it be if you could trust yourself to follow through on every commitment?

3. Making excuses and engaging in self-sabotaging conversation.

Your inner voice can either work for or against you. The worse you feel about yourself the less likely you are to focus on the positive and take the actions you want. Be honest with yourself and challenge the reasons you use to get off the hook from keeping commitments.