6 Crystals That Are Great For The Winter


Consistency is the key to making a lasting change with any practice, and sometimes identifying what crystal is right for you and your needs can be very difficult. That stated, as we move into the winter, here are 6 crystals that are great for the season:

Looking for love: Rose quartz. Rose quartz is the perfect stone for developing positive changes in your love life because it opens the heart chakra up to the energy of compassion. This can allow you to be more loving with yourself, your family, friends, co-workers, strangers, and significant others.

Looking for clarity: Clear quartz. This crystal is the ideal ally for anyone trying to get a better perspective and richer understanding. The surge of purifying energy that quartz crystal sends to all of your chakras can help cleanse the negative energy that may be tainting your perceptions.

Looking for stability: Hematite. Grounding your energy in balanced peace and progress with hematite will help you to establish a calm confidence so you can be more prepared to handle any rocky situations bound to arise.

Looking to be more creative: Aventurine. Break out of normalcy and learn to embrace the spark of spontaneity in your heart chakra. Connect with aventurine to find the inspiration your soul’s been craving. Reiki Healing 101

Looking for prosperity: Pyrite. Pyrite opens your eyes to see how you’ve been sabotaging your success and how you can transform your behavior to encourage a flow of abundance.

Looking to release: Black tourmaline. This crystal will help you cut the cord of negative energy attachments so you can cleanse the energy of your past to find a revitalized sense of focus on your present.