Gift Ideas for Father's Day


Father’s day is right around the corner and sometimes shopping for the right gift can be tough — so how about crystals or stones?

Not sure where to start? We’ve made an easy list to help you find the right crystal to fit the lifestyle of the dad in your life.



This African Malachite with Cuprite stone helps ease feelings of anxiety, depression and any fear you may harbor about being yourself. Gives off a strong dose of positivity and connectedness. 

Cuprite is a copper oxide mineral that aids you in feeling supported. 

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The Clear Quartz Polished Point is considered to be the “Universal Stone,” and brings an energy of clarity, balance and cleansing. A must have crystal for any collection. 

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Fossilized Russian Jet is a purifying tool to clear your energy of any negativity as well as helping to protect you from negative energy and people. Can also be used as a cleansing agent for other crystals in your collection.

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A thoughtfully curated luxe pouch that contains an assortment of five raw, tumbled and polished healing crystals. 

The Vitality Bliss Bag is all about healthy, energy and high level functioning and contains crystals whose energies are known to encourage physical vitality, release stress, encourage restful sleep, stimulate organs and release physical traumas. 

Moonstone aids in releasing frustration and surrendering to the natural progress of the cycles of life. 

Black Onyx promotes self-mastery, inner strength, focused attention, discipline and willpower. 

Selenite is cleansing and healing and clears blockages while stimulating physical healing. 

Fluorite promotes mental enhancement, clarity and improved decision making. 

Carnelian promotes courage, vitality and sexuality.

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Large Peruvian, polished Chalcopyrite Heart.

Chalcopyrite is a stone of abundance that has been known to increase joy, happiness and self-confidence. This crystal also helps to increase personal creativity and usher in a flow of ideas. 

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Fluorite Point with rounded bottom.

Fluorite is a powerful stone for activating the mind and enhancing focus, as well as good decision making, by clearing you of confusion and clearing your chakras.

Color varies from green to purple.

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